Interview with Georgina Paun: Exploring Mallorca in Sports Cars, the Perfect Choice for Cruise Ship Passengers with Route Mallorca


In this instance, we will delve into the fascinating world of Route Mallorca, the preferred option for cruise ship passengers seeking a unique experience on the Balearic Island. Guided by its visionary owner, Georgina Paun, we will explore in-depth what makes their sports car excursions the ideal choice for those visiting Mallorca by cruise ship. Let’s embark on this journey of elegance and adventure, uncovering the secrets behind meticulously designed routes and the comprehensive approach that has made Route Mallorca the top choice for cruise ship passengers looking to make the most of their time on the island.

SC: Good afternoon. Why does Route Mallorca believe its sports car excursions are ideal for cruise ship passengers?

G.P: Our excursions are meticulously designed to unveil the hidden treasures and natural beauty of the island, offering cruise ship passengers the opportunity to explore from the comfort and style of our exclusive convertible cars. Given the limited time scale of cruises, at Route Mallorca, we ensure to guide clients to the most iconic corners of Mallorca, allowing them to make the most of their time ashore and discover the island beyond the port and city.

SC: In a market where tourist excursions often focus on conventional destinations, what inspired Route Mallorca to explore routes beyond the usual tourist spots?

G.P: After several years exploring Mallorca and discovering dreamlike places, we decided to share our experiences with all travelers. We want visitors to see another side of Mallorca through our routes, from the breathtaking viewpoint of the Malgrats Islands to the typical Mallorcan villages steeped in history, such as Calvià, Es Capdellà, Andratx, Estellencs, and Banyalbufar.

SC: Let’s talk about the specific routes offered by Route Mallorca. What makes these journeys so unique and exciting for participants?

G.P: We offer two different routes, each providing an unforgettable experience. The first, approximately 4.5 hours and 130 km, explores the most emblematic places in the northwest of the island. The second, around 2.5 hours and 70 km, offers the thrill of driving a sports car along the entire coast of Calviá. In both routes, we guarantee stunning views and the excitement of driving a limited-edition sports car through the Sierra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011.

SC: Route Mallorca stands out for its comprehensive approach, including details like fuel, comprehensive insurance, and free transportation. How did the idea of providing a complete experience emerge, rather than just offering the opportunity to drive sports cars?

G.P: For the convenience of our clients and to streamline the reservation process, we opted for an «all-inclusive» service with no hidden costs and complete transparency. We want clients to enjoy a convenient and hassle-free experience from the moment of booking until the end of the excursion.

SC: How has been the response of cruise ship passengers to this unique experience?

G.P: The response has been exceptional. Let me share a real opinion from one of the cruise ship passengers who participated in our tour:

Mark S, Welwyn Garden City, UK: «Fantastic and unique way to see Mallorca in a convertible car. Probably one of the best shore excursions I’ve ever done…»

SC: Can you share a memorable anecdote from a participant?

G.P: I remember an unusual day when a group of cruise ship passengers, before the usual start time, decided to get into the cars and leave earlier than expected. We were surprised to see them depart one after another, defying the initial idea of taking a walk in Santa Ponsa. It was a funny anecdote that we remember with a smile.

SC: In the current market, how does Route Mallorca view its unique position and what sets it apart from other excursion options in Mallorca?

G.P: Although we have only been in the market for two years, we believe that our unique position is due to the close and familial treatment we offer our clients. At Route Mallorca, we believe that travel should be fun, exciting, and enriching. We work passionately to achieve the satisfaction of all the people who trust us and to provide them with memorable experiences.

SC: Let’s talk about logistics. How does Route Mallorca ensure that cruise ship passengers can enjoy a hassle-free experience from the moment they disembark until the end of the experience?

G.P: From the moment of booking, we contact clients through email or phone, providing them with all the necessary information and coordinating the pick-up time and location. Additionally, we offer free transportation from the port to our office and back, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

SC: How has Route Mallorca evolved since its inception, and what are its plans for the future? Are new routes or experiences being considered?

G.P: Since our opening, we have made adjustments based on customer feedback, such as introducing a second 2.5-hour route. Currently, we are studying a new 4.5-hour route that will include locations such as Valldemossa, Deia, Soller, and the Mirador de Sa Foradada. We are excited about the future and will eagerly share our updates.

SC: Finally, for those considering a cruise stop in Mallorca, why should they choose the Route Mallorca experience, and what can they expect from this unique adventure on the island?

G.P: Route Mallorca is a family-owned business passionate about cars and adventures. We want cruise ship passengers to enjoy everything that Mallorca has to offer, from its beaches to the winding roads of the Sierra Tramuntana, in a unique and unforgettable journey behind the wheel of a convertible supercar. We want them to feel the love we have for Mallorca and to have a unique experience with us!

For more information and reservations:

Phone: +34 645 031 500


Website: Route Mallorca


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